Sunday, May 14, 2006


Meitler Consultants

The "Facilitator" for the St. Peter's "Listening Session" told attendees that Meitler Consultants, the folks who are swinging the Archbishop's wrecking ball, did this work all over the country, including in Boston.


Hey, Facilitator Lady? Is that supposed to make us feel better? The Old Enemy has conquered Boston in a bloody rout, and your Meitler guys are there helping Bishop Sean (excuse me, I mean Cardinal Sean) pick the last flesh off the bones of Holy Mother Church there.

Meitler is responsible for destroying THIS. What will they wreck in the Dotte?

You should have seen Facilitator Lady's performance here in Leavenworth. What a joke. We have just finished listening session two. This process is a farce. The Archdiocese does not even have a definition of a vital parish so there is no way to judge if you are a vital parish.

The Facilitator Lady is known feminist who brought up women's ordination out of the blue at Leavenworth's Listening Session One.

Good luck with this process.
I presume the "Facilitator Lady" is a nun in lay clothes! What can we do to run Meitler out of business? How can we organize? What are our options?
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